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Past conferences

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“Evangelism in an age of climate crisis and creative communication”

Mones Farah.jpg
Steve Hollinghurst
Mones Farah


Hope and Grace

Moving forwards in the Gospel 

John Holbrook.png
The Rt Revd John Holbrook

Bishop of Brixworth

Sophie Jelley.png
Rt Rev Sophie Jelley

Bishop of Doncaster


Offering certainty in an age of uncertainty?
Gavin Calver

Chief Executive

Evangelical Alliance

Joanna Seabourne

Team Vicar at St George's Leeds,

Director of Interns for Leeds Diocese,

and Area Dean of Headingley

"It was just fabulous! who could have imagined!"


Evangelism, the way ahead - unlocking our potential!
Kevin Roberts
Phil Potter

This is the year we introduced "we are FPE" and regional prayer times. 

Feedback from delegates

What did you enjoy most about the Conference?

  • Everything, but Kevin was the standout.

  • Everything. The teaching was good. Bible Study fantastic – and the general relaxed atmosphere / laughter / banter and sharing of ideas and inspiration. Brilliant mixture – will definitely be back.

  • Fellowship and teaching.

  • Walking in the front door, knowing that I would be blessed and encouraged by everything that would happen.

  • The fellowship and friends.

  • Very relational: enjoyed renewing friendships. Enjoyed Kevin’s Bible studies.

  • The mix of talks and discussion + the worship. The relaxed informality.

  • Teaching, prayer, fellowship.

  • Kevin Roberts.

  • Fellowship. Meeting old and new.

  • Meeting people. The Bible Readings.

  • Friendship, fellowship, lightness, laughter, being able to be real, excellent input, especially Kevin’s sessions.

  • Nothing in particular. The programme covered lots of interesting topics.

  • The support, fellowship, the content of the talks! Thank you.


Transforming Worship - Transforming Lives
Andy Herrick.jpg
Andy Herrick
Chris Edmondson.PNG
Chris Edmondson
Feedback from delegates

What is your feedback on the teaching?

  • I have never heard a Bible study on this passage before, it gave an awful lot which I believe should be shared.

  • Thank you for opening up a Revelation passage.

  • Brilliant.

  • An amazing morning with these two profound and inspiring sessions.

  • Excellent.

  • Excellent. Thoughtful, Bible-based input.

  • Insightful.

  • A difficult passage to choose to expound. He made a good fist of it.

  • Made lots of notes – so much to take in – rich teaching.

  • Great!

  • A brilliant interpretation of a book which I have struggled with. Thank you.

  • Excellent exposition.

  • Excellent insights from Revelation.

  • Both sessions from Chris brought new revelations and deeper wells to drink from God.


Apprentices not Passengers - the Challenge of Discipleship
Debbie Orriss.jpg
Debbie Orriss

Discipleship Co-ordinator

Sailsbury Diocese

Stuart and Pru Bell.jpg
Stuart & Pru Bell
Feedback from delegates

What is your favourite thing about the conference?

  • ​Fellowship. 

  • The Bible teaching and conversations. 

  • Love, fun and feeding (spiritually). 

  • Meeting others and hearing their story.  Really encouraging and affirming.  Also enjoyed sessions and input. 

  • Company.  

  • Fellowship and Bible teaching. 

  • The friendship, fun and Stuart Bell’s sessions and the worship. 

  • Stuart’s ministry. 

  • All of it, the fellowship and the teaching. 

  • Fellowship – fun – worship – reassurance. 

  • As well as the excellent speakers, it is always nice to meet up with new and old FPE members. 

  • Stuart Bell, deep anointed speaking. 

  • Fellowship.  Praying together. 

  • Meeting fellow leaders trying to do evangelism. 

  • Input from Debbie Orriss. 

  • Opportunity to talk and pray with kind, gentle colleagues. 

  • Stuart Bell’s talk and the way the sessions were structured. 

  • Most – Stuart Bell. 

  • Family feel!  The banter! 

  • Encouragement. 

  • Meeting people. 

  • Opportunities to talk and learn from all who I spoke to. 

  • Laughter and worship times. 

  • The space and free time to relax, and chat informally with others.  Was much appreciated. 

  • Stuart’s talks. 

  • Fellowship. 

  • The teaching and time to discuss. 

  • Meeting old friends and colleagues.  Stuart Bell. 

  • The Bible readings. 

  • The fellowship, the banter, being together, the speakers. 

  • The Bible teaching.  Listening and sharing in the experiences of others. 

  • Stuart Bell’s Bible studies and the fellowship. 

  • Banter/worship/fellowship and Stuart magnificent ministry. 

  • Stuart’s Bible readings and meeting old friends (and new!). 

  • The teaching of Stuart Bell and the conversations with other evangelists! 

  • The fellowship and informal opportunities for prayer and sharing. 

  • Stuart’s Bible studies. 


Fruitfulness on the Fringe
Sandra Millar.png
Sandra Millar

Head of Projects & Development

Church of England

Richard Scott.jpg
Richard Scott

Lead Evangelist

Through Faith Missions

Sandra Millar spoke of her passion for communicating with people through "life events" - "Jesus is present at all of them". 

Richard Scott shared his vision to see Christians across our land trained to share their faith.

Plus there was the usual mixture of fun and fellowship, worship and prayer, ministry and sharing, and Communion at the end of Conference was just so very special. It was led by John Holbrook and closing word from Richard Zair, and of course, our fantastic Worship Team lead by Dave and Mick!


In conversation - Evangelism 2016
Emma Whittick.jpg
Emma Whittick

Mark Russell.jpg
Mark Russell

Chief Executive

Church Army

What a conference is was!

Bible Readings were delivered by Emma Whittick who then was youngest member of fpe. Emma shared many and helpful insights into "In conversation with Jesus: Nicodemus", and her second Bible Reading, "In conversation with Jesus: on the Road to Emmaus". 

Our keynote speaker was Mark Russell. Mark left us with much to think about following both his talks - "Living evangelistically today" and "Equipped for effective evangelism". Past members returned for the first time in more than a decade and there were first timers too plus lots of laughter, tears, deep sharing and learning.

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