Past & Present

fpe is first and foremost about people

How fpe has developed

Guided over the years by its leadership committee, fpe grew and trained new evangelists. From the original group of two dozen people, it has grown to be a flourishing fellowship.

Why fpe exists

The fellowship for parish evangelism is a network embracing the full range of evangelical Anglicans committed to the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the priority of evangelism.

  • fpe provides and encourages fellowship and mutual support for those involved in the ministry of evangelism.

  • fpe envisions, equips and encourages one another in this ministry.

  • fpe is a catalyst for the exchange of ideas and strategies.

We are passionate about bringing the evangelist into the heart of parish life.

The evangelist is one of the five-fold gifts given to the church to build her up. See Ephesians 4:11