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Why become an fpe member? 

Fellowship for Parish Evangelism is an informal members' association.


Members of fpe are spread around the UK. We are involved in a wide range of ministries, lay and ordained, parish-based and itinerant, diocesan posts, para-church organisations and ‘fresh expressions’.

People are the greatest resource of fpe. Membership facilitates opportunities to be involved in evangelism beyond our normal context. It is also a place for those who are new to evangelism to benefit from the wider experience of others.

I wish  I had joined years ago - I really feel as if I've met "my tribe"

Benefits of fpe membership 


Membership offers fellowship through regular prayer diaries, and requests for urgent prayer when appropriate. Members also receive discounts for Conference and access to conference materials.

"For me, fpe is a glorious reminder of what evangelists are all about - which is the gospel and our calling to share it with the people of our country. Everything else is an unhelpful sidetrack, - so thank God for fpe!"

Cost of membership 


The annual fee is £30 per year for a single working person. There are concessions for unemployment, retirement and couples. For more details about these contact Lynne (fpe administrator)

We encourage payment by standing order.


How to become a member


If you would like to be a member of fpe, please complete our membership application form.


When completing the form, we will need you to tell us who introduced you to fpe (if you do not have a contact with a current fpe member, please tell us who your vicar is so that we can contact them). 

You can join at any time but our 'year' runs from June. 


Interested in membership? 

if you are interested in joining fpe please complete the form below, and Lynne will be in touch with the full membership form. 

Thank you for getting in touch about fpe membership - we will respond shortly

The community is infectiously warm and friendly. Whether Bishop, Clergy or Laity, we are all equal as evangelists 

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