Conference 2019

Our Conference in 2019 was

from 21st to 23rd January:

"Transforming Worship

– Transforming Lives"

Our speakers were

Andy Herrick, previous long time member of FPE (and now rejoined) returned as our main speaker...and opened our hearts and minds to the wonder of our God and worship

Our Bible Readings were led by one of the members of FPE who's been there for decades...!

Chris Edmondson, and wow, thank you Chris for opening God's word to us.

· I have never heard a Bible study on this passage before, it gave an awful lot which I believe should be shared.

· Thank you for opening up a Revelation passage.

· Brilliant.

· An amazing morning with these two profound and inspiring sessions.

· Excellent.

· Excellent. Thoughtful, Bible-based input.

· Insightful.

· A difficult passage to choose to expound. He made a good fist of it.

· Made lots of notes – so much to take in – rich teaching.

· Great!

· A brilliant interpretation of a book which I have struggled with. Thank you.

· Excellent exposition.

· Excellent insights from Revelation.

· Both sessions from Chris brought new revelations and deeper wells to drink from God.

Jimmy Dale ‘Hope 2020’, "Island House" doing 20-20-20 (Music and ministry)

Workshops and the usual mixture of fun, fellowship, love and laughter filled the days which flew by much to quickly.

Do join us in 2020 from 20th - 22nd January: Bible Readings - Member, Kevin Roberts and Phil Potter from Fresh Expressions

Evangelism, the way ahead

- Unlocking our potential