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Conference - 2018

Our Conference 2018 was
from 22nd to 24th January:

'Apprentices not Passengers' 

– the Challenge of Discipleship

When our speakers were Debbie Orriss
Debbie Orriss
Discipleship Co-Ordinator
Salisbury Diocese

long time member of FPE Stuart Bell
delivered the most inspiring 
Bible Readings. 

Stu and Pru
Stu and wife, Pru

  • This is what people said were their favourite things about Conference 2018

  • Fellowship. 

  • The Bible teaching and conversations. 

  • Love, fun and feeding (spiritually). 

  • Meeting others and hearing their story.  Really encouraging and affirming.  Also enjoyed sessions and input. 

  • Company.  

  • Fellowship and Bible teaching. 

  • The friendship, fun and Stuart Bell’s sessions and the worship. 

  • Stuart’s ministry. 

  • All of it, the fellowship and the teaching. 

  • Fellowship – fun – worship – reassurance. 

  • As well as the excellent speakers, it is always nice to meet up with new and old FPE members. 

  • Stuart Bell, deep anointed speaking. 

  • Fellowship.  Praying together. 

  • Meeting fellow leaders trying to do evangelism. 

  • Input from Debbie Orriss. 
    Opportunity to talk and pray with kind, gentle colleagues.

  • Stuart Bell’s talk and the way the sessions were structured. 

  • Most – Stuart Bell. 

  • Family feel!  The banter! 

  • Encouragement. 

  • Meeting people. 

  • Opportunities to talk and learn from all who I spoke to. 
    Laughter and worship times.

  • The space and free time to relax, and chat informally with others.  Was much appreciated. 

  • Stuart’s talks. 

  • Fellowship. 

  • The teaching and time to discuss. 

  • Meeting old friends and colleagues.  Stuart Bell. 

  • The Bible readings. 

  • The fellowship, the banter, being together, the speakers. 

  • The Bible teaching.  Listening and sharing in the experiences of others. 

  • Stuart Bell’s Bible studies and the fellowship. 

  • Banter/worship/fellowship and Stuart magnificent ministry. 

  • Stuart’s Bible readings and meeting old friends (and new!). 

  • The teaching of Stuart Bell and the conversations with other evangelists! 

  • The fellowship and informal opportunities for prayer and sharing. 
    Stuart’s Bible studies.