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Conference - 2018

Our Conference 2018 is
from 22nd to 24th January:

(Price held for phenomenal 7th year!)

'Apprentices not Passengers' 

– the Challenge of Discipleship

Debbie Orriss
Debbie Orriss
Discipleship Co-Ordinator
Salisbury Diocese
is our Keynote Speaker
Previously a Town Centre
Church Army Evangelist
based at All Saints Church
in High Wycombe. 

Be inspired by what Debbie has been doing in the past.
Unfortunately the video clip link doesn't work but it was inspirational!

Stuart Bell will do
our Bible Readings. 

Long time member of FPE who with his wife, Pru, returned to us a few years ago after an absence.
Stu and Pru
We won't go back any further than
n 1988 he was made
Rector of Aberystwyth.  

He was installed as a
Canon of St Davids Cathedral 
(Stall of Llanddewi Aberarth) in 2001.  He has also been the Evangelist for the St Teilo Trust since 1995.

 The Trust supports him to undertake evangelistic work leading parish missions and evangelistic events, and to train others in evangelism.   
Stuart ministers in retirement locally in Borth
with many international links.  

 Plus there will be the usual mixture of 
fun and fellowship, 
worship and prayer, 
ministry and sharing, 
and Communion at the end of Conference will be led by Sue Willetts and  closing word will be from recently retired Chairman of FPE, John Lomas. 

Of course, our fantastic Worship Team
will be led by
Dave and Mick (our new Chairman)!

Vincie Abbott,
16 Jun 2017, 09:40